TANSS Module - Abwesenheitsverwaltung Symbol

Internal Planning

Extend the Resource Planning module to manage staff vacation, illness, absence, etc.

Manage vacations and absence

This is the perfect extension to the TANSS® Resource Planning module. It allows you to not only manage vacations and absences, but also establish approval processes for leave and overtime applications. Of course, when recording holidays, illnesses or other absences, you always have the complete overview and can quickly and easily assign scheduled appointments to other employees.

Plan vacations and manage holidays

2-stage approval processes

Manage various types of absences

Overview of downtime

With the Resource Planning module you already have the perfect overview of all available time slots of your employees. The Internal Planning module complements this overview and helps you to review downtime. Vacations, sick leave or general absences are quickly visible in the planning time line so they can be easily managed.

Abwesenheitsverwaltung - TANSS Modul

Tickets of absent technicians easily managed

If all staff absences are captured within the system, you have the ability to quickly see the tickets and appointments of absent colleagues, ensuring an uninterrupted service provided to your customers.

Abwesenheitsverwaltung TANSS-Modul

All staff absences - in one place