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Encourage better internal communication

Chat TANSS-Modul

Clarify queries from management quickly

Quite often, a ticket requires a quick internal consultation with responsible staff members. With the TANSS® Chat module you can initiate this consultation via chat. This is advantageous when either staff member cannot get to the phone or meet in person. This prevents tickets from being pushed back and forth between employees as a result of a simple question. Ultimately this speeds up the exchange of information across your organization.

Chat Modul - TANSS

Chat with colleagues or entire departments

Open discussions about tickets and services

Track the entire chat history

Document all chat history

The TANSS® Chat offers everything you need for fast, uncomplicated and perfectly documented communication within your organization? in one place. All chat histories are transparently documented for the respective ticket or the corresponding service.

Define expected response times

Thanks to the TANSS® Chat module, information can be exchanged between staff, even without it being assigned to a ticket. It is even possible, in the case of an urgent request, to prioritize the feedback and specify a time for the colleague to respond.

For better internal communication