TANSS Module - Grundmodul Symbol

Service Desk

Get started immediately capturing your service jobs consistently

TANSS - Grundmodul

Your goal: Higher productivity with better transparency

The foundation of TANSS® is the Service Desk module, which combines the most important functions for fast and simple documentation. This also includes the billing of service activities and all important reporting features. Comprehensive capabilities to manage company and employee master data means you have all the information you need, wherever you are.

Quick capture and invoicing of completed jobs

Management of company and employee data

Display entire support history and all statistics

Increase technician productivity and improve overview

TANSS® provides service technicians with the opportunity to consistently and efficiently document daily activities. If you also employ the use of our Phone Connect and Remote Connect modules, you can ensure these sessions are automatically captured and can be easily converted into billable hours.

TANSS Zeitstrahl

Fully customizable with automated output

Define global, firm-specific and contract-specific hourly rates, rounding parameters, arrival and departure costs, overtime pay and much more. Customize your billing types for specific projects or enter defined service and project flat rates. TANSS® offers you a multitude of possibilities and can be completely customized to your needs. The extensive permissions system makes it possible to set who is authorized to use and maintain the system.

A wonderfully simple billing solution for your IT business

TANSS® Once all your configuration is done, TANSS® ensures those rules are enforced consistently and automatically. For example, the software will apply the correct pricing rule to a service contract, but apply a different rule if the job was performed as part of an independently billable project. Every billable hour can be reviewed manually before being assigned to the invoicing department. The accumulated invoices can be collated per customer, maintenance contract or project. You can set it to be done manually or automatically via predefined options in the respective ERP system. We ensure transparency for the end customer by supplying them with a detailed PDF file compiled with all billable and non-billable hours spent on the job.
TANSS - Umsatz

Increase sales

TANSS - Ausslastung

Recognize trends

TANSS - Produktivität

Increase productivity

Powerful statistics and analysis tools

TANSS® answers all questions about sales, workload and productivity for the entire company, individual departments or individual employees. The extensive reporting capabilities helps to identify trends early and provide business managers with the data to make smart decisions.

A world of better IT service