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An effective system for maintaining, prioritizing and resolving tickets.

TANSS - Ticket-System

Optimal organization of IT service processes

Das TANSS®-Ticketsystem vereint die wichtigsten Funktionen zum Bearbeiten, Priorisieren und Lösen von Support-Tickets. Serviceanfragen, Störungen und Änderungen lassen sich effizient organisieren und managen. Durch die Unterstützung intelligenter ITSM-Prozesse entfachen Sie in Ihrem IT-Team eine völlig neue Dynamik.

Create and edit tickets efficiently

Standardize service processes

Understand the job history easily

Structure and standardize work processes

The Tickets module combines all important business processes in one place and provide the basis for the best possible workflow. Own and customer-related processes can be documented easily and completely - while your IT staff reliably keep track of the due dates and deadlines of tickets. This is accomplished via automatic ticket reminders and resubmissions.

Fully automate important processes

Powerful automation capabilities help increase your productivity and improve service quality. By monitoring defined mailboxes when service requests arrive, tickets from defined customers will automatically be assigned to the correct employee(s)/department(s). TANSS® decides which service level agreements are stored and relieves your IT staff of important decisions in their daily work.

Checklists and workflows

With our unique ticket solution, you can unify your IT service processes. Configure your standard procedures by using checklists, which allows you optimize and structure your entire work processes. As an optional addition, the Workflows module not only makes it possible to dynamically customize checklists, but also to customize the ticket. You can define the complete workflow of a ticket according to established standards for incidents, changes or service requests.

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Create and edit tickets efficiently

Get to know the Ticket-Board

The beginning of efficient IT workflows