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Training, Insights & Appointments

Regardless if you are new to TANSS® or an expert, our goal is to help you gain maximum benefit by using our software more efficiently.

In our Training format, we provide you with insight into how we use the tool, administrator advantages and all the tips & tricks to make using the tool much easier. We invite IT technicians, administrators, business owners, department heads, sales and office workers to attend. Our training is tailored to suit each business role requirement.


Become a TANSS® expert in no time. This workshop is to improve the foundational understanding of the product and provide powerful tips & tricks.

Which TANSS® system settings have to be set and how so that I can map my company processes and my business model perfectly? Our trainer, Dino Bordonaro, provides a deep insight into his own configuration, by providing premade Templates, along with sharing his experience from using our software.

This format is provided by our experts and allow TANSS®-Community to build their own network. Experience a special event hosted in our HUCK HQ with insights shared on our own success in the IT industry. Gain insight into actual developments in the software, along with a teaser of the future plans for the platform.

How can sales processes be mapped in TANSS® and how do we actually do it at HUCK IT? In a 1.5 hour online training course, we will give you an insight into our world and share best practices.

How can IT service processes be mapped in TANSS®? Our process module makes it possible to define the complete workflow of a ticket according to defined IT standards. In a 2-hour online training course, we will give you an insight into the world of our process module and share best practices with you.

In our online introductory workshop you will get to know the functions of the TANSS X O365 interface step by step: Microsoft® Outlook Add-in // Microsoft® Teams Channel Connect // Microsoft® Teams Calls in the timeline. The workshop is specifically aimed at interested parties and new users who want to discover the possibilities of TANSS X.

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Ideas & Best Practices

Live training

Learn together with other participants in our live training courses or in person at our HUCK HQ. During the course you can exchange ideas directly with our trainers or the other participants. Immerse yourself in the world of TANSS®.

Online training offline

We give insights into selected subject areas in our online training formats, however, there is also enough space here for exchanging ideas with one another.

Training portal

Online training offline

Do you prefer to learn independently? In addition to our training courses, our TANSS® Wiki, with extensive articles and screencasts, offers all users a convenient and at the same time efficient opportunity to delve deeply into the world of TANSS® at any time.

In addition, you can find valuable ideas, experiences and best practices on our YouTube channel at any time, which will help you to further optimize your TANSS® processes.

Youtube Channel

Live training

For special concerns or problems with use, we would be happy to support you with TANSS ® training & consulting that is individually tailored to your needs.

Format suggestions:

  • additional onboarding for new employees
  • Best practices & How tos
  • Design processes
  • Map maintenance contracts & managed services
  • Mail robots: create and manage rules


Our Coaches

With us you will learn exclusively from TANSS® professionals and selected experts with many years of TANSS® experience.