The Idea

You are a Service provider in the IT industry

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... and you seek an answer to the following questions

Which customer makes the highest service revenue?
Have all the jobs been documented for the day?
Which jobs can be immediately invoiced?
How can you quickly and easily capture the 5-10 minute jobs?
What is your employees current workload?

With the help of TANSS®, you can make your entire business more efficient and completely transparent.

Device information always and everywhere at hand

One of the main features of TANSS® One of the main features of TANSS® is the ability to access to your data securely, no matter where you are.

Capture completed work quickly and easily

Our App provides connection to your data in TANSS® , allowing on site technicians to complete jobs and have customers sign the completed work immediately.

Complete documentation of all work

TANSS® emerged from 25 years of experience in the IT service business.

Detailed statistics

Statistics provide detailed information about the productivity and workload of your employees.

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Who is TANSS® made for?


Technicians are well versed in the everyday problems in the IT service business: ever changing tasks, limited time to complete jobs, frustrating documentation. To provide an easily comprehensible invoice for the customer, takes time. TANSS® is the ultimate solution for any technician.® understands and solves these issues.

Managing Director

As you well know, running a business is difficult enough. Losing track of operational activities can lead to a critical failure of your business.

TANSS® provides all your necessary information in real-time, with a clear overview of all your business activities.

Service provider

TANSS® is flexible enough to help any sort of service-oriented business.

Wherever the creation, tracking and evaluation of job tickets is required, our software helps you run your business more efficiently.

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